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When a madman targets Washington, D.C. landmarks for destruction, the team suspects one of its own to be a saboteur. Kyle: Brixton Karnes. Jenny: Christine Steel.

Plot Summary:

In Washington D.C., Kyle, Jenny, and Duke stop a semi-truck carrying a shipment of missiles and other heavy artillery. Kyle is convinced that the men they captured are not the brains behind the operation. The mysterious "ventilator man", Mobius, watches the team, and triggers a bomb planted in the truck. A spectacular explosion completely destroys the truck.

While working out in the gym, Kyle tells Duke that he suspects many of TKR's cases may be linked by a single mastermind behind each crime. Kyle dislocates his shoulder trying a bench press, but Duke forces it back in place.
Mobius taps into SkyOne's comm system and tells Kyle that TKR has interfered with his plans for the last time. Jenny traces the call. As she leaves to investigate the location of the call, Dennis the mechanic asks her to listen to a CD of his nephew's band. Jenny reluctantly agrees to listen to it on the road. She arrives at an empty secluded house. The phone is left off the hook, with a note that reads "Drive safely Jenny". As Jenny is returning to SkyOne, Domino tells her that there is something wrong with her fuel tank; Jenny will have to pull over and make a visual inspection. She pulls into an alley and gets out of Domino. Domino starts chasing Jenny down the alley. Jenny uses her martial arts training and is able to do a back flip over Domino's hood and land inside, where she quickly overrides Domino's systems.

Back aboard SkyOne, Dennis and Trek examine Domino, but can't figure out what caused the malfunction. The owner of the house also remains a mystery, but Dante notices wheelchair tracks in the carpet from Domino's video scans. Mobius contacts the team again, and tells them that at 6pm a bomb will explode at the city's finest mall, and that he assumes he made his point. They figure out the bomb must be located in the Washington Monument in the Washington Mall. Kyle, Trek and Duke go to the monument, and Dante scans a strange object inside. They close down the monument and Duke goes inside. He discovers the "bomb", but it turns out to just be just a toy that plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" when it "explodes".

Leaving the monument, they get stuck behind a little old lady weaving back and forth. Dante announces that he's going into combat mode. At first, Kyle thinks he's joking, but then realizes Dante is serious. Duke and Kyle struggle to get Dante under control, but only manage to turn him off the road just before he fires a missile. The rocket destroys the upper part of the Washington Monument.

News reports announce that the attack on the Monument may have been a result of "friendly fire", and Kyle receives a call from the President. Trek finds a computer virus in the cars, but the vehicles are supposed to be immuned to external viruses, so he suspects a saboteur must have had dircet access to the vehicles. Mobius calls the team again, telling them he plans to blow the addict off of George's attic, and calls Kyle a "meathead". After some discussion, they assume Mobius meant the Smithsonian, America'a attic. Some loud banging interrupts their meeting, and they go to the garage where Beast is trying to ram his way off the plane. Kyle is nearly electrocuted when he jumps on Beast's hood in an attempt to stomp him. Trek manages to attach some electrical contacts to Beast and deactivate him.

Trek learns that the virus is being transferred from one car to another each time they interface. He assumes Kat and Plato are unaffected, so Kyle and Trek take those vehicles to the Smithsonian. Plato quotes lines from "All in the Family" to Trek; since Mobius called Kyle a Meathead, Archie's nickname for his son-in-law, Plato assumes the bomb must be in Archie Bunker's chair located in the Smithsonian. They start ripping the chair apart, but can't find the bomb. When they return to the vehicles, Plato tells Trek "You dropped the bomb on me" (The Gap Band, 1984) Trek finds a small bomb that someone slipped into his pocket.

Trek races to throw the bomb safely into the river, but runs into the Presidential motorcade. He breaks through security, causing a panic. Unable to reach the river in time, Trek tries to launch the bomb away on one of Plato's rockets, and winds up destroying more of the Washington Monument.

Meanwhile, Kyle watches a man in a wheelchair re-enter the building. Kyle confronts him, and he identifies himself as "Mobius". They exchange threats and promises, but as Kyle approaches him, Mobius fire a tranquilizing dart at him.

Chef Clayton confesses to Mechanic Dennis: he substituted fat-free cream in the meals 2 weeks ago. Jenny identifies Dennis as the person who infected the cars with the virus by implanting it in the CD he gave Jenny to listen to. Dennis claims he didn't just do it for the money Mobius paid him; he never really felt part of the "team".

Future Trivia Answers:

Jenny tells the police that motorists who got in the way during the chase can have their insurance companies contact FLAG.

Chef Clayton is played by Executive Producer Rick Copp.

SkyOne pages Frank Poole and Dave Bowman, two characters from "2001: A Space Odyssey". Later, Dante paraphrases HAL by saying "I'm afraid I can't do that, Kyle."

Guest Stars: Jim Fyfe, David McCullum as Mobius
Music by Gary W. Stockdale
Executive Producer Glen A. Larson
Produced by Gil Wadsworth, Scott McAboy
Based on Knight Rider created by Glen A. Larson
Created by Rick Copp & David A. Goodman
Written by Marcus Miller
Directed by William Warren

Clayton, the SkyOne chef: Rick Copp
Tour Guide: Odalys Nanin
Voice of WTN Newscaster: Mark Kryski