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Who created the Foundation ?
The foundation was created by Wilton Knight to help those in need of assistance or who want to make a difference with their lives. Devon Miles was put in charge after Wilton died in 1982 and he ran the Foundation until the year 2000. A mobile semi also allows the foundation to be mobile and allow for Bonnie to make adjustments to K.I.T.T. when needed. Devon always believed that it was the Foundation's mission to assist those who need it the most - the common person.

What does FLAG stand for?
FLAG is the full name for the Foundation and stands for Foundation for Law And Government. It was a private organisation that on many occassions worked with the government.

Where's the Foundation based?
There is no answer to this, but an educated guess would be somewhere in California. K.I.T.T. is registered there and the show often shows the headquarters very close to Las Vegas. But if you have read the books, they state that the foundation has headquarters in many different areas.

Was K.I.T.T. registered to Michael or The Foundation?
If we follow the storyline in the show K.I.T.T. was the property of FLAG (as stated in Knight in Disgrace and The Scent of Roses) but there is a difference between ownership and registration. Therefore it is more likely that K.I.T.T. was registered to Michael Knight. That would also concur with Wilton's vision of one man making a difference and the way he trusted Michael. According to the registration Michael's address was : Michael Knight, 2457 Ybarra Rd Nores, California, 93666.

The FLAG HQ looks so familiar to me..
That is possible, the house they used for the outside shots of FLAG has also been used in many different shows like Dynasty.