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When Mike tries to stop a bank robbery things go badly and he ends up being a hostage himself. Mike figures out that the robbers have more on their mind than grab the money and run. They are overly interested in one of the hostages and her husband's safety deposit box. Mike is unable to communicate with KITT and works on enlisting the hostages to help capture the robbers.


(Mike suddenly wakes up)
Mike: Man, I was out cold.
KITT: Actually Michael, you were not out cold. You were in a very heavy REM state.
Mike: You know you sometimes sound like Hal from 2001?
KITT: I find that movie extremely confusing.
Mike: You know what confuses me?
KITT: There are not enough hours in the day to list all the things that confuse you.
Mike: Oh snap!
KITT: Yes Michael. Snap.