Addressing the latest KR news

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Hello everybody. I guess by now you have all read the story that appeared on TMZ about a week ago. If not, you can read the story here.

Now I know we have all been waiting for news like this, but before we get our hopes up, it is very important to remember something. No matter what David Hasselhoff says, the exclusive rights to the Knight Rider franchise do not belong to him. Therefore he cannot decide wether or not Knight Rider will return in any shape or form. 

The exclusive rights to the franchise belong to Universal and no one else. They, and they alone can decide wether or not Knight Rider will return, on tv or the big screen. The Hasselhoff story has been shared many times over already and a lot of rumours and stories are going around, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

The 2008 reboot was a short lived one, but at least it was a good try. Lets all keep our hopes up for more in the future, but please get your news from reliable sources.