Own the Hoff's own K.I.T.T. car

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David Hasselhoff is auctioning off his very own K.I.T.T. car, given to him by fans. All for charity ofcourse. The car is 1 item in a big list of personal Hasselhoff items.

Bidding starts in April 2014. For more info and a complete list of items visit the Julien's auctions site.


At the upcoming David Hasselhoff bid-off in April, fans'll get a bit of both. The Julien's Auctions event has a mondo piece on the block -- that would be a KITT car, from "Knight Rider" -- and bunches of other Hoff-style goodies, from a pair of chandeliers to wardrobe pieces to a Fender guitar.

This KITT is a special one. It was "given to Hasselhoff by his fans," says Julien's, making it the actor's own "personal KITT car."

And, yep, you betcha: "Baywatch" stuff is going under the gavel, including that small-screen iconic red zip-up jacket. Please; if you win that, you're wearing it everywhere, perhaps even to your own wedding."

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