David Hasselhoff wants Cowell to voice Knight Rider

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(BANG) -

David Hasselhoff wants to resurrect 'Knight Rider' with Simon Cowell voicing the show's iconic talking car.

The actor-and-singer wants to make a film of the 80s TV series and he wants his crime-fighting character Michael Knight's super-powered car KITT, which could speak, to be voiced by 'The X Factor' star. David thinks Simon's firm tones and English accent would perfectly suit the vehicle, which was voiced in the originally series by William Daniels.

Speaking of his plans, David told the Daily Star newspaper: "It's a great show, it was a fun show. I've got quite a few quid to buy the rights so we'll see what happens."

David, 59, has previously worked for Simon as a judge on his TV show 'America's Got Talent', and later on the UK version of the show, 'Britain's Got Talent', and they are thought to be good friends.

While David - who also starred in 'Baywatch' - has moved on from his role as Michael Knight, many people still associate him with it, including his own father. He previously said: "My dad still calls me Michael, because of Michael Knight. A lot of people do - I even used to be Michael Knight on my answering machine."

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